General Information

The Virgin Islands, commonly known as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico. The islands make up part of the Virgin Islands archipelago, the remaining islands constitute the US Virgin Islands and the Spanish Virgin Islands.

The official name of the Territory is still simply the “Virgin Islands”, but the prefix “British” is often used to distinguish it from the neighbouring American territory which changed its name from the “Danish West Indies” to “Virgin Islands of the United States” in 1917. British Virgin Islands government publications continue to begin with the name “The Territory of the Virgin Islands”, passports simply refer to the “Virgin Islands”, and all laws begin with the words “Virgin Islands”. Moreover, the Territory’s Constitutional Commission has expressed the view that “every effort should be made”, to encourage the use of the name “Virgin Islands”.

The British Virgin Islands consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, and Jost Van Dyke, along with over fifty other smaller islands and cays. About 15 of the islands are inhabited. The capital, Road Town, is situated on Tortola, the largest island, which is approximately 20 km (12 mi) long and 5 km (3 mi) wide. The islands have a population of about 27,800, of whom approximately 23,000 live on Tortola.

British Virgin Islanders are classed as British Overseas Territories citizens and since 2002 have had full British citizenship. Although the territory is not part of the European Union and not directly subject to EU law, its citizens are deemed to be citizens of the EU as well.

Type of company BC
Type of law Common
Shelf company availability Yes
Our time to establish a new   company 2 day
Minimum government fees (exl.   Tax) 0
Corporate Taxation Nil
Double Taxation Treaty Access No
Share capital or   equivalent
Standard currency Usd
Permitted currencies Any
Minimum paid up usd1
Usual authorised US 50.000

Minimum number 1
Local required No
Publicity accessible records No
Location of meetings Anywhere
Secretary No*

Minimum number 1
Local required No
Publicity accessible records No

Annual Tax Return No
Audit requirments No
Requirments to file accounts No
Publicity accessible records No

Requirment to file annual   return No
Change in domicle   permitted Yes
Recurring   Government Costs
Minimum Annual Tax / Licence   Fee USD 350*
Annual Return Filling Fee Nil